Our Story


Dahcia: Jacques and I met 5 years ago at the University at Albany. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We clicked and became best friends instantly. Over the years our friendship grew into unconditional love and we’ve been by each other’s side ever since.

Jacques: While we were in school, I started Boogie (formerly Boogie Graphics). When it came to writing and things of that nature, Dahcia was always there to help me. She was a big part of my decision to reposition the company as Boogie– she was like an unofficial business partner. Since then we’ve watched Boogie grow to where it is now. Dahcia and I now work side-by-side— hiring new team members, attracting new clients, and more. Working together has strengthened our relationship so much more than we could ever imagine.

Our relationship has been a spiritual experience and our history shows that we’re perfect partners in everything— business and life.

– #JacquesDahcia

The Proposal


Jacques: The week of Valentine’s Day 2014, I decided that it was time for me to pop the question. I’ve always known I wanted to propose to Dahcia but just never knew when the time was going to be perfect. But with our crazy busy lives, perfect timing doesn’t really exist… so I made my move.

After thinking it through, I chose to propose to Dahcia using the things we do everyday… social / digital marketing campaigns.

That week I got an article posted on INC Magazine (about entrepreneurs and their significant others), I sang the same song to her over and over, I added a secret message that read ‘Will You Marry Me’ to our TV screensaver, and I created the website DearDahcia.com, which is a love letter from me to her… just watch the video below detailing the whole thing.

Our proposal video went viral and since then has been shared over 38K times by our friends, family, and even people we don’t know around the world. The video was picked up by Huffington Post, INC Magazine (again), Clutch Magazine, and Social Media Today.

We were extremely honored and humbled by all of the love and attention that we received from everyone.

The Wedding


Approximately one month after we released our proposal video, it had garnered just under 40K views on YouTube.

The video made its way to FOX News. They loved our story so much that they decided to sponsor our wedding… as in free! The wedding was scheduled to take place at the Central Park Boat House (NYC) and it was going to be officiated by Emmy Award winning news reporter, Ernie Anastos. It was also going to be recorded and would be featured on the premiere episode of Ernie’s new TV show on FOX.

We were so excited! But after all the excitement settled, we thought, “wait… when’s the date? May 22nd… of this year?” Because of the popularity of the venue, our date was chosen as May 22, 2014—exactly three weeks from the day we heard from the FOX News team.

Jacques: With less than three weeks to plan the wedding, I called my good friend and PR mastermind Victor Cipolla (from Evil Genius PR). Through Vic, we met Alisha Crutchfield, owner and stylist at Style Wise NYC. Alisha was able to get Galia Lahav to sponsor Dahcia’s wedding dress (valued upwards of $25,000) for the big day. In addition, Vic was able to get Madison Jewelers (3rd Ave, NYC) to sponsor our wedding bands and the wonderful and talented Suzana Hallili to do our wedding party’s makeup!

Just two weeks later, we had most of the wedding planned and paid for by some amazing people who just really loved our love story.

May 22nd was the best day of my life; we had a beautiful ceremony with a few friends and family at the scenic Central Park Boathouse. We were able to have the event along with a few NYC street shots photographed by Emmanuel Falaise of E.Falaise Photography.

Our wedding aired on FOX News NY one month after we tied the knot during a special segment. Watch the clip here!



We run a social media agency and we know using a hashtag is a great way to document and refer to a specific conversation online. So if you’d like to share something with us or if you have pictures of us, please join in and use the hashtag #JacquesDahcia!


Tons of people have asked, so we put a registry together! Our post wedding registry is available HERE. We’re very appreciative of everything our family and friends have contributed! Thank you all so very much!

Partners in Christ. Partners in business. Partners in life.